Sunday, January 20, 2013

O, pinkyotto, we love you!

When we were coming up with our itinerary for our trip to NYC, Amy kept raving about a cute little shop I had never heard of before: Pinkyotto -- located in a cute little part of New York called Williamsburg. It was started in 2005 by designer Rio Liu and business partner Peter Hsia. Having been a fan of designer Rio Liu for years and after having been featured on their blog, Amy is quite familiar with pinkyotto. I was excited to get acquainted myself -- not just with the store but also with the Brooklyn neighborhood. Our new friend Samuel Lang Budin, , a local who works at the famous Fabulous Fanny's and has recently taken up photography, showed us around town and accompanied us to the Williamsburg shop. See the shots he took of us below. (ADD A FEW PICTURES BELOW) Pinkyotto was a must for us considering it's full of vintage-inspired, unique fashions. The sales girls were both really nice and helpful, too, which is a plus. Amy and I each bought a dress, although the store also offers tops that can be dressed up or down. We did a shoot yesterday with photographer Andy Reaser modeling our amazing dresses! Wouldn't it be rad if we were the face of their LOOKBOOK or something? Here's a link to their site: Too bad the "shop online" button doesn't work! Looks like they just need to update their site. But trust us when we say the store is full of amazing stuff and you won't be disappointed!

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